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Welcome to Teddy’s Anderson Official Page

Teddy Anderson is an internationally recognized performer, motivational speaker and children’s book author. Teddy has performed over 1800 performance/talks in 20 countries in the world including China, Malaysia, Uganda, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand and many more. Teddy goal is to inspire all people to see themselves as member of One Human Family.

Drawing on the First Nation’s Hoop Dance as well as Teddy’s life experience Teddy teaches the important message of unity and inclusion. Dancing with up to 30 hoops at a time Teddy captives and inspires audiences of all ages to bring about greater levels of community.

We have programs designed for Schools (Elementary to Highschool), Motivational Youth Talks and Workshops, Artist in Residence Hoop Dancing Programs and Speaker engagement at Conferences. Teddy is an unique performer/educator and specializes in teaching a message of diversity and inclusion.