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The Performance

We are pleased to offer you a performance for your event that will wow and inspire your audience. Teddy Anderson is a professional Hoop Dancer that has performed all over the world having completed more than 1500 performances. Teddy dances with up to 30 hoops at one time to share a message of unity, fellowship and peace.

Since 2002 Teddy has performed in China, Malaysia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Belize, Holland, US, Canada, Tonga, etc… In 2009 Teddy obtained a degree in Child and Youth Care. Teddy’s lifelong goal is to inspire people to be the change they want to see in the world.

Teddy offers a cultural performance that is beautiful, inspiring and interactive. The run down of the performance includes: (1) A native prayer; (2) a song on the native flute; (3) two hoop dance demonstrations; (4) detailed explanations of the stories behind each dance in line with message of respect for all people; (5) An audience participatory hoop dance and (6) a Q&A period. Performances can be adjusted according to the needs of each event whether it be a 5 minute performance or the full 45 minute performance.

To learn more about Teddy Anderson’s cultural permission to dance please click here. 


“Teddy Anderson rocked our house! He open our morning with a fantastic hoop dance session… we will have him back time and time again!”

~ CEO, Canada Association of Public Speakers

“Your dancing was an impressive show of an historic and energetic style of story-telling. The four colors of your hoops reflecting the four major ‘colours’ of humankind were representative of the diversity of our own audience, and all of them found your dance to be heartwarming, inclusive, and deeply moving. I was not alone in drying my tears a few times as your simple message of unity was played out in such spectacular style.”

~ John Kavelin, Founder Virtues Project

“Teddy is a dynamic and inspirational performer who brings a message of the oneness of humanity. His passion for young people and for making a difference in the world is evident from the moment you meet Teddy. He delivers his message in an engaging and lively presentation built around his hoop dance. This unique and creative dance will fascinate and entertain people of all ages as his message motivates everyone to make a difference in this world.

As a teacher, parent and world citizen, it is without hesitation that I recommend Teddy to you. Your world and the world of the people who see Teddy’s presentation will be brighter because of it.”

~ Kristin Wiens, Teacher, Victoria, BC